At KSD Salt we offer a range of contract and non-contract options to keep your footpaths, car parks and roads clear of snow and ice. With the cheapest pure white rock salt in the UK plus a guarantee to meet deadlines whatever the weather, KSD Salt will keep your workspace safe, all winter long.

Never Run Out Of Rock Salt Again...

The ‘Big Freeze’ of 2009 / 10 was the coldest winter for 30 years and cost the UK economy over £14 billion. And with climate change well and truly underway, we can expect harsh winters to become the norm rather than the exception. 2009 / 10 was also the winter when many businesses found it impossible to get hold of rock salt. And with only 25% of the UK’s rock salt suppliers located in the South, Southern-based organisations were even harder hit as many Northern salt suppliers failed to meet orders placed outside their local operational area.

Cheap Rock salt Delivered Within 36 Hours

Here at KSD Salt we’ve made it our business to ensure we have sufficient supplies of cheap white rock salt so our customers need never run out. Our dedicated rock salt depot in Sussex and automated bagging system provides us with a continuous stream of top quality bagged cheap white rock salt, ready to distribute anywhere in the UK within 36 hours or even sooner. Even when other traffic grinds to a halt, you can depend on our specially designed vehicles to plough through the snow to deliver rock salt to your locatio. Especially when you order your rock salt supplies in advance, before winter arrives.

Delivering Rock Salt To Businesses Aross The UK

The location of our rock salt depot close to all Sussex’s major road links allows us to provide a personal, professional and efficient service to all our commercial clients in the South. Even if your organisation is based up North or in Scotland, our vehicles can plough through the most hazardous of conditions, meaning we never fail to meet a rock salt order – anywhere in the UK. So if your usual rock salt supplier is running low, you know where to come!

Don’t slip up this winter. Call us on 0844 822 7002 to find out how KSD Rock Salt can ensure your business runs as normal … GUARANTEED!